Mind Born CSS Design Awards
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Hi, I’m Michael Budzik, graphic, logo & web designer, developer too.

I live and work in Warsaw, Poland. What i do is to give life to ideas created by my mind. They might be pretty useful to You...

I’ve been a designer for about seven years now. I spent two years working in an interactive agency. I've also designed promotion sites and ad campaigns for one of the biggest women’s community websites in Poland. Since almost three years I work as a freelancer.

It’s worth to know that I’m an incurable perfectionist. This means that no design is done until I’m absolutely sure that it shows exactly what my mind ment. It must be perfectly balanced and pixel perfect. I like it clean, modern, sleek and smart. I’m sure You’ll like it too.
When I don’t work..
there's other things I like. Somehow all of them have a great impact on every piece of design I make. I listen to ska, rocksteady reggae and soul music. I’m a big fan of retro movies and modern art deco architecture. I have a thing about a post-apocalytptic nostalgia and I dream about visiting Australia someday. Don’t be surprised to find some of this mood in a brand new website of Yours.
This is the real first rate top notch design! The best design around... but enough modesty.

Have a glimpse at the selection of my works. These projects include web, logo and poster design. Most of the websites shown here were not only designed, but also coded by me. Some of them I programmed and equiped with a custom CMS too. Most of these designs are still in use and doing fine. Closer look should give You a general idea of aesthetics and style You can expect from me. Remember, asking a cubist to paint a realistic portrait might not be a best idea.
By now You probably already know, that if You need a new website, logo, or a creative poster, You’re in the right place. But how will it be done? What will it take to make You satisfied?

During the design process I use common tools included in Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator. At the very beginning I usually sketch a thing or two, so You can expect some kind of prototype before You’ll get the final product. This is a good way to spare some time and effort, both mine and Yours.
When it comes to coding I use html, css and jquery. And I use them right. Websites I code are always standards compliant and cross-browser compatible. I can also take care of some SEO related stuff.
Nowadays no website is complete without a proper backend allowing You to edit ist contents all by Your own. I can do it too. Php and mysql databases are no mystery to me. Although I’d prefer to outsource this part of the job, as I wouldn’t like to see a programmer messing around with graphic design.
Now it’s Your turn, tell me what You need.

At this point You know enough to hire. You’ve seen the design, You know how it’s done & who made it. All You need is a way to contact me.

It’s really easy. Send an e-mail to michal@mindborn.pl or call/text me on +48 606 651 472. You can simply fill in the form below too. I hope to hear from You soon.